2020 Paris Marathon Training: Le Peak C’est Chic

It’s PEAK WEEK!!! Work is insane with Satellite 2020 less than two weeks away and everyone freaking out about the Coronavirus. But I did find some comfort in sticking to a routine and following my training plan and overall had a pretty good week. At least until I found out that the Paris marathon was likely to be canceled. But more on that later. For now, here is how the week went:


I walked out my apartment at 7AM ready to workout at OrangeTheory when I realized I was signed up for the 4:30PM class. Oops. That meant I did back to back OTF class and Pacers 14th Street run… not ideal but I lived. It was a beautiful day for a run and took it easy covering just 3 miles at an easy pace. My friend Christina (check out her wine blog) had one of her best run ever and that was awesome!


Another gorgeous evening for a run. I ran to Pacers Navy Yard and then with the group for a total of 11.5km/7.1 miles. Alexandra from the Berlin marathon was there so it was nice to catch up too!


I had been looking forward to the 12 minute benchmark run at OrangeTheory Fitness for weeks and I crushed it! I improved my distance from 0.75 miles in September to 1.27 miles and I feel like I could even have pushed myself a tad more… Feels great to see some concrete progress though!!

Of course, it was also New York marathon lottery day and I didn’t get in. Womp womp.


It’s a known fact that marathon training and having a social life do NOT go hand in hand. My plan called for a 7 mile run but I was also invited to preview Echo Park, a new beer garden and fireplace bar on U Street. So I did what any normal runner would do and run commuted home so I could do both 😉 

Echo Park is a joint venture between the Hilton brothers and Andy’s Pizza and those slices of Burrata Margherita and negroni on draft felt really good after my run!


Rest day ahead of my 18 miles run Saturday! 


The November Project’s route this week was just 9 miles and I had to do twice as much but given where it was set to end (Woodley Park) I felt pretty good about how to extend it on my own through Rock Creek Park, so I did and ran 30km! 

One of the highlights of the run was running through the Reflecting Pool which is empty at the moment for cleaning. The low however was finding out that France was banning all gatherings of more than 5000 people to help contain the spread of the corona virus and that the Paris marathon was one of the first victim of that rule. Questioning whether the race you’re training for in the middle of an 18 miles run is not the greatest motivator… Also, it was cold and windy, so it was just a tough run altogether.

I barely had time to rest before partaking in on of my favourite fun run of the year, the H Street Runners’ Running of the Street Car. I failed to outpace the street car last year and based on the fact that I was running 18 miles earlier in the day, I didn’t think I would this year either. But it was still fun! If you’re in DC and want to join the H Street Runners for some fun runs, they have a Pi Day run and a St Paddy’s Day run and Happy Hour on the agenda for March.


Every week I tell myself that I need to do more yoga and every week I don’t. Until this week!! I took the 5PM community class at Shaw Yoga, which is a donation based class and it felt class and now I’m wondering why I haven’t been doing more yoga this whole time lol

This week I added 66.4km / 41.3 miles to my Paris marathon training bank and have now ran more than 400 km / 250 miles so far this year (I ran a  total of 243.5 km / 151.3 miles in February). I feel pretty good about where I’m at right now and I feel really good about the week I just had, managing to be social AND stick to my training plan, which is not necessarily an easy feat…Now I just need to survive another high mileage week and a crazy conference now! And of course, keep my fingers crossed that the Paris Marathon doesn’t get canceled. I would be so upset.  

What I’m reading/watching/listening to:  I watched the second half of the debate in South Carolina. What a mess. And Ali Wong’s Dear Girls proved to be a great companion for my runs this week. Definitely a bit raunchy, but i you watched her Netflix special, you probably expect that. 

What I’m eating/drinking:  I tried Andy’s Pizza for the first time at Echo Park’s opening preview and it was really good! 

I had even more pizza the next day when Cecilia, Kaoru and I went back to Tonari. We tried the Kewpie mayo pizza with corn pizza this time and it was really good. Sadly, I can’t share any pictures because the table where we were seated was in such a dark spot that I needed the flashlight app on my phone just to read the menu 😦

What I’m looking forward to on week 9: One peak week down one more to go… and then tapper time!! I’m going to continue to train according to my plan but start looking for potential alternative marathons. I’ll be in Paris regardless of whether the marathon is maintained April 2-12 so I’m looking at marathons within driving distance of D.C. the weekends of April 19 or 26. I have a half marathon in Maine on May 9th but I’m not looking to extend that to the full, nor do I want to upgrade to the D.C. Rock’N’Roll full because that course if terrible (though the timing would be good…) If you have any suggestions, I’ll all ears!! 

Back to linking with Kim of Running On The Fly and Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner for their weekly wrap-up. Check out everyone’s posts and join the community if you’re blogging about your fitness journey too!!

15 thoughts on “2020 Paris Marathon Training: Le Peak C’est Chic

  1. Oh…hoping Paris is still a go! That would be another heart-breaker if that gets canceled as well. That pizza! Yeah, I’d run commute, too, to have that for dinner 🙂


    • I’m almost resolved to it at this point, though it is a bummer… I know it’s worse for other people… I don’t have to pay hotel at least, I can always go back to Paris, this isn’t my first race… that being said I really wanted to run it for my 40th birthday…


  2. I was thinking about you actually … the half was just cancelled. I fear the marathon will be next. Here in NL I’m just waiting to hear that the Rotterdam marathon will be cancelled as well. We’re a tiny country with 17million plus inhabitants, already 18 cases in a week (maybe less). How could it be a good idea to have thousands of people in Rotterdam for a major sporting event???

    it just sucks. And you had such a good, sporty week as well. i can only imagine how hard it was to hear the possibility of cancellation.


    • Rotterdam is the same day as Paris right? Yeah, it sucks because I really wanted to run my hometown marathon for my 40th birthday… and I really don’t have any other reason to be in Paris that week (would rather go another time if I had a choice) and not sure I’ll want to do it again next year so lots to think about (good thing I have lots of time to think during those long runs!) But yes, totally understand the decisions to cancel also…


  3. Oh wow that would be very frustrating if your marathon is canceled. I think there might be one in Delaware at the end of April? I’m not sure though. I’ve done the DC rock n roll half and it is definitely not an easy course! I wouldn’t want to do the full!


    • Yep, definitely looking at Delaware Coastal though it’s April 19 so the weekend after I’m back from Paris… would have loved a little more cushion but as long as I can still sign up that’s my top choice right now (I signed up for the Rehoboth Half in december two years ago, deferred to last year and still didn’t make it last year, so I feel I’m overdue for a race in Rehoboth!!)


  4. Darn 😦 I had a feeling that the Paris Marathon would most likely be cancelled. The coronavirus has really halted a lot of things within the past few weeks, but I am glad that you are looking for an alternative marathon so that you still take advantage of all of your hard work and training!


  5. Laetitia, I’m so sorry about the Paris marathon. As runners, so many things are outside of our control and this is one of them. Here’s hoping that the race goes on or that you find a Plan B race.


    • So it’s not canceled yet … a lot could happen in 5 weeks but yeah runners hate uncertainty!! I feel good about my plan b now though I definitely didn’t yesterday lol


  6. I hope it’s not cancelled especially as it’s for your 40th! I’m turning 40 this year and have planned races for that so I can really empathise. But also glad to see you are looking at Plan B. Best of luck and will cross fingers that things settle down in the next 5 weeks.


  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for you & the Paris Marathon. The DE Coastal Running festival IS the weekend of the 18th (that’s actually the half I’ve been considering, but am still not sure about).

    Good job getting it done in the midst of uncertainty & that pizza looks amazing!


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