Bilan d’Avril: Running is Not Canceled

I love starting a new month because it allows me to reflect on everything I have accomplished the month prior and set new goals for the new month. But, it goes without saying that April didn’t go exactly as I had anticipated. And by not exactly, I mean, NOT AT ALL! I mean, I was supposed to run the Paris Marathon and celebrate my 40th birthday with my family. Instead, like most of you, I spent a lot of time inside my apartment. My cat is SO over me being home all the time 😉

May The Fourth Be With You

Like many of you, I went through different stages of grief over the past few weeks. I have good days and bad days but I try and focus on the positives, though I’m not always successful. Yes, my trips and my races were canceled (I was supposed to race the Coastal Maine half marathon next weekend and visit Acadia national Park with friends). But my job wasn’t canceled and I realize how lucky I am to GET to work from home and still be able to pay my bills/my mortgage. I know that’s not the case for a lot of people who either have to go to work and worry for their health or got furloughed, laid off or had to temporally close the business they own and worked so hard to build. It took me a while to get used to my new normal and find a routine that works for me right now (OK, if I’m being honest I’m still struggling with finding that routine bit…). Having to suddenly stop marathon training was hard. I made it up to the sweet 16 training run so I was well under way. One of the things I appreciate the most in the process is the discipline it forces me to have (and the race pictures too course!) The Paris Marathon is rescheduled to October, but I honestly cannot fathom that it will actually take place and I actually don’t want to get my hopes up and be disappointed and sad all over again (been there done that). But I also don’t want to lose all the hard work I put in to getting to where I am with my running. So after trying out a bunch of online workout classes that didn’t quite do it for me, including the Orange Theory Fitness at home workouts unfortunately, I decided to just focus on running for now. Races might be canceled but running isn’t. And getting out for a run is usually the only time I get outside my house so I really appreciate that too.

My plan right now is to maintain my running fitness and work a bit on my speed. I always run alone and while I really miss my running groups and the social aspect of running I’m saving a lot of money not going for post run beers at BlueJacket (I did get $60 worth of cans from the brewery delivered when the stay-at-home orders first started) and I am getting through SO many audiobooks!! I try to stick with 50 km / 30 miles a week, with one long run and at least one shorter speed work run. My boyfriend lives in Crystal City which is about 5 miles from my place so running to and from his place twice a week has been a great way to get some miles in! I’ve also loved being able to do some social media running challenges, especially when they’ve had a charity component. My friend Nicki challenged me to run a 10K on instagram and that particular day I had no motivation to get outside and do anything but feel sorry for myself. But I did go outside, and I ran 10K and I didn’t regret it. I rarely regret ever going out for a run. I was also tagged in the ‘Run 5 Donate 5 Nominate 5’ challenge, which originated in UK as a means to raise funds for the NHS. In the US, I donated $5 to Feeding America and tagged five friends to do the same. I also did a 5K put together by DC Run Crew to raise money for Mighty Meals (and contributed $15 towards meals for frontline health workers). And this one wasn’t for charity but I did make a point to go out and log my 6K for the November Project’s Best of Sunrise run. These runs help break a bit of the monotony of always running alone by giving me sense of (virtually) running with others since we’re all doing the same run, tagging the same hashtags or raising money for the same cause. They also give me something slightly more interesting to post about than “I went for another solo run all by myself” 😉

So altogether I ran 214.4km / 133 miles in April. I’ve ran at least 50km every week in April, typically running every day except for one rest day. I haven’t been great at crosss training though, but Caitlin and I have been trying to do a class together every week, which has been one of the silver lining of this whole thing… getting to do workout classes with my bestie in New York City, because, you know, now they’re virtual…

I have two half marathons (virtual, obviously) planned for May so I’m going to adjust things accordingly. I still want to run between 45-50 km (25-30 miles) every week though it might be a little lower overall factoring in the half marathons and tapper and recovery. I’m toying with the idea of maybe doing a running streak or maybe something like the Yeti Challenge (I would have loved to do that one but running in my neighborhood, even just around my block, in the dark isn’t safe right now…) just something to keep it fun and motivating you know… If you hear of any fun challenges or charity runs, let me know!

How was your month of April? And how are you approaching May now that you’ve gone through April (and basically know that races or fun social runs aren’t happening anytime soon?) I’d love to hear and share ideas…


Also, I haven’t done a running post in a while, but I’m going to try and do more of them, even if they’re just shorter. And Monday fitness post means I’m back to linking with Kim of Running On The Fly and Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner for their weekly wrap-up.  Make sure you check out their blogs as well.


19 thoughts on “Bilan d’Avril: Running is Not Canceled

  1. I am straight up crying at your cat in her Leia buns! I love it!

    Great job with your mileage. We were just talking about last summer, when we took our family vacation to the Northeast, and visited Maine and Acadia National Park. It as incredible, and I hope to visit again someday.


  2. Consistency with my schedule and workouts keeps me sane as well. It really helps with the stress level. Great running mileage for you this month. Thanks for linking up


    • Do you usually work from home though? This is all new to me and I’m not adjusting to this lack of boundaries between work place / home place very well I think…


  3. Wow, nice job keeping up on that weekly mileage! I’m sorry about the Paris Marathon and the one in Maine. It’s just so frustrating that everything canceled. I think October is probably still possible for the reschedule – I mean, I hope so, I registered for a local race in October since we’ve been quarantined.

    My cats would probably claw my eyes out if I tried to put that on any of their heads. haha! That’s seriously super cute!


    • ah ah, yeah, she doesn’t love it when I do this to her but she lets me and doesn’t fight me. Small price to pay for the cushy life she leads lol


  4. I totally agree! I love starting a new month because I feel like it’s a whole new fresh start.

    During the first few weeks of “stay at home” orders, I felt really lost. I just couldn’t get a new schedule down but now I feel really good about where I am. I’ve figured out the best tie to workout, eat my meals, etc.


  5. Yay!!!! Glad to have you back linking with us!! I think you sound very positive, and you definitely are keeping things super consistent. I have also thought of the Yeti Challenge, but haven’t looked at the details…is it just a short-term thing? Or could we run it anytime, like over the summer, when there’s additional daylight? It might be fun to get a group of bloggers (??) to run it virtually “together.”


    • Yeah it’s a challenge over 24 hours so at least two of the runs have to be in the dark unless you have a treadmill and can do it at home 😦 even running around my block wouldn’t feel safe for me unfortunately… and yes, glad to be back! Just took me a while to be able to write and not sound too whiny/sad/angry…


  6. Running has definitely been helping me to get through all this. I like just running for fun but also doing some virtual races and challenges. I don’t really have a plan for May other than to keep running! I might do some more shorter virtual races, but those usually happen without much planning.


    • Yeah, that’s basically what April was for me and I loved jumping on some of those challenges when I saw them… I did have races planned for May that I’m going to try and complete though…


    • ah ah! Chloe has the yoda one too! And a full chewbacca costume. Sadly I don’t think she’s a star wars fan. Or more likely she hates costumes lol


  7. Running the Paris Marathon sounds amazing, I hope you get the opportunity in October but I know how you feel, it’s hard to know if there will even be any fall races this year. Your mileage is great! And you’ve donated to some very worthy causes – I need to step it up and do the same!


    • YES! I need more of those little charity or otherwise challenges. They really help motivate me / break the monotony / feel good about contributing a little something. Let me know if you hear of any good ones!


  8. I’m heartbroken for you with the Paris Marathon. So disappointing, and I agree: I have my doubts about any races happening this fall. It’s so difficult to know how to proceed with training.
    OMG your cat in the Leia bun hairdo is too cute!!


    • at this point I’ll be happy if I can just travel to Paris you know… I guess I don’t really need to start training again until summer so we’ll see…


  9. That photo of your cat at Leia is priceless! 🙂

    I’m so so sorry about the Paris Marathon. I also agree that it is really hard to imagine any races taking place this year. So sad 😦 It sounds like you have some good plans to keep your running up.


  10. OMG! I love that photo of your cat!! It’s been hard for many people. I also have my good and bad days but I always try to remember that I am lucky that I still have a job and can work from home (I teach 2nd grade). It took me a few weeks but I am finally settled in my routine for work. I have a few more weeks left but then will start with summer school. I also thought about doing the Yeti Ultra and would do it if I had a treadmill. No way would I run in the middle of the night outside.


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