Weekly Run Down: (Virtual) Devil Dog Double Week

It’s (virtual) race week … again 😉

DC’s Stay-at-Home order was set to expire on May 15 and I was getting pretty stressed drafting my office’s return to work policies and thinking about leaving the safety of my own home to rush back onto the metro and the outside world before I felt ready or comfortable doing so. But on Wednesday, the Stay-at-Home order was extended to June 8th and I feel relived by this decision. I understand the privilege of my position, but I feel safe at home and if I’m being honest I’m also enjoying living at a slower pace, not rushing from physical place to physical place all the time. I’ve definitely been reflecting on the new normal lately and which parts of the old normal are worth rushing back to… But back to looking just at this past week. I’ve been pulling 50K+ week for a few weeks now and my legs are definitely starting to feel heavy and tired. Nonetheless, I ran 57.2km / 35.5 miles this week, including 29.4km/18.26 miles on Saturday for the Marine Corps Devil Dog Double challenge. Here’s how it went:


I’m doing this November Project DC QuaranTEAM challenge (I’m #TeamDazzo) so I did a bunch of squats, sit ups and pull ups (no burpees… but I’ll do some next week!). Every Monday for the next four weeks we’ll be competing in randomly assigned teams to see who can collectively log in the most reps of all 4 exercises. I figured it was something to do (besides running). I also ran a mile because I guess I’m doing a May running streak now (I just need to find ways to keep myself motivated at this point!)


I also signed up for my friend Tammy’s QuaRUNtine 30 minute run challenge. Basically she provides a training plan and some online group sessions and we all see how much progress we can make over 4 weeks when running for 30 minutes. I was supposed to do my baseline run on Sunday or Monday but I didn’t so I did it Tuesday (30 minutes = 5.19km/3.23 miles.) Also, Tuesday marked the return of Pacers’ monthly Shake Shack #shacktrackandfield runs so I got a free Cherry Blossom shake at the Chinatown Shake Shack. Not as much fun all by yourself though 😉


I was going to have Corey pick me up but work was super busy and I didn’t get to go outside all day and the weather was just beautiful so I ended up running 7.63km/4.74 miles to Crystal City. Corey met me at Gravelly Point and then we headed to the Pentagon City Shake Shack because he hadn’t gotten his free shake yet.


The run back to DC Thursday morning was SO much more pleasant than the run Wednesday night. The Mount Vernon Trail is just a lot less busy at that time so I had a lovely 8.30km/5.16 miles run back home. In the evening, I took Tammy’s foam rolling zoom workout, which wasn’t a part of the QuaRUNteam challenge she’s doing but part of a weekly zoom chat series she’s been doing for Pacers on Thursdays. As I mentioned in the intro, my legs had been feeling really heavy so I needed someone to force me stretch and foam roll and Tammy provided just that!


I did just a little bit more than my daily mile (1.77km/1.1 miles) delivering banana bread to friends in the neighbourhood.


So Saturday was rough. I’m too slow of a runner to actually complete the Marine Corps’ Devil Dog Double in normal time (you have to run the Semperf5ive in less than 52 minutes before running the Historic Half marathon basically immediately after crossing the finish line of the 5 miler) but I thought I might be able to do it virtually. So after the race was canceled, like all of the races, I signed up. Of course, this weekend was hot AF so I got up at 6AM to do the 5 miler and thought I was gonna die. I did, however, run 8km/5 miles in 50.48 minutes and I’m pretty proud of that.

After the 5 miler, I took a 20 minute break at home, which I wouldn’t have been able to in real race conditions. I went to the bathroom. Changed from a t-shirt to a tank top. Had a little coffee and some banana bread that my friend Anna had dropped off. Picked up my hydration pack. It was hard getting back out. But I figured, I got up at 6AM. I might as well get this over with. So I headed out to run a half marathon and it was hard and it was hot. I made it home after 15 km for another quick bathroom break and then I got back out and it was even hotter but I. got. it. done. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to do the real race though. Virtual races REALLY are not doing it for me.


Just did my daily mile (two actually). I’m going to be taking it easy next week (it’s supposed to rain every day anyway) and I’m kinda looking forward to that!

What I’m reading/watching/listening to:  I finished two books this week: The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai (cute, rom-com type book) and Oona Out Of Order by Margarita Montimore. Both were light, easy reads which is kinda just what I needed right now.

My friend Courtney of Eat Pray Run wrote this great article about her experience as a black long distance runner in Women’s Running. It definitely got me thinking about how white my running groups and what we could do to change that. I don’t have any answers, obviously, but the article challenged some of my perceptions and I hope you’ll read it too.

What I’m eating/drinking:  I’ve been on a green onion pancakes kick. I’ve been using this recipe for Korean scallion pancakes and made it a few times last week. I love scallions. 

I ate “out” quite a bit last week. On Monday I treated myself to sushi from Nama DC after seeing my friend Madalene post about her dinner in her instragam stories (she’s a great gal to follow by the way!) I paired it with a fabulous little Lafken Riesling from Chile that was a part of Grand Cata’s wine club picks for this month.

After a three month trial, I’m so glad I chose to renew my membership through September. I love how Grand Cata helps me broaden my horizons beyond French wines. I also picked up lunch at the Columbia Room on Thursday. They’re currently offering a “Get a Hero Be a Hero” sandwich pop up and for every sandwich sold, one is donated to DC-area hospital workers and first responders.

I got the club sub and loved it. Thinking I’ll go back this week for the Mort & Mozz.  I also couldn’t resist ordering the granchio  appetizer  (umbo lump crab crepe cake, gruyere, chives ) from  Centrolina  DC on Friday. 

I also got a Sicilian rosé to go with it, duck breast for a later diner and farm eggs. The photo app at City Center was too good to pass too 😉

What I’m looking forward to on week ?: So I did a thing and impulse bought an inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard.

I’m looking forward to taking it out for swim over the 3-day weekend. Otherwise, like I said, I’m going to be taking a bit of a much needed break from running this week. I’ll still do my daily miles and some longer runs but at an easy pace and a much shorter long run Saturday. And I’m also going to be looking for new challenges I can take on… they do really help me to stay motivated and right now I really need something…

Back to linking with Kim of Running On The Fly and Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner for their weekly wrap-up. Check out everyone’s posts and join the community if you’re blogging about your fitness journey too!!

23 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: (Virtual) Devil Dog Double Week

  1. Awesome job this week on all of your workouts! I also enjoying seeing your yummy food on your instagram stories and love that you have supported local restaurants during this time.

    My work’s stay at home policy was extended through May 31 but we have the option to work from home as long as necessary, as long as we clear it with my manager. Luckily my manager and I are on the same page when it comes to this so I’ll be working from home through at least June.


    • Our office is really small (6 people) and we all have our own offices with doors so we’re pretty set up for social distancing at the office… I’m mostly concerned about getting there since I don’t have a car 😦 I’m the de-facto office manager since we’re so small and the only team member with no kids so I think my boss will expect me back as soon as we can reopen unfortunately…


  2. My friend was just telling me this week about her inflatable SUP purchase. She loves hers! Which prompted me to look on Ebay for an inflatable kayak. I found a new one for $19.95, which was clearly an error, but they ‘sold’ 10 of them! I figured the worse that would happen is that my order gets canceled. With any luck, I’ll be getting a $140 kayak for $20! Who knows!! Fingers crossed 😉


    • yeah!! I have a couple of friends with inflatable kayaks so hopefully we’ll be able to do some fun socially distant friendly outings this summer!!


  3. Dang, you were busy! Great job on your Saturday virtual races. I don’t mind virtuals (since that’s all we have right now), but they definitely aren’t the same as a real race. It’s a lot harder to have enthusiasm for “racing” when there’s no one else racing with you.


  4. Just wow! I cannot fathom running 8k that fast and going out for a half afterwards. That’s Marine tough. If I’m being honest…I am loving being at home with my family without all of the running around to be everywhere. My state is starting to open but my work is enforcing WFH though September and I am thrilled about that..


    • That’s great about being able to work from home until September. I’m really hoping my boss will be flexible… maybe let me go into the office only once a week… I don’t have a car and taking public transportation or even uber is giving me a lot of anxiety right now…


  5. Another DMV runner! Go figure! It was cool to read about all the places you’ve visited over the last week!

    Courtney’s article was great. It’s something that was evident to me as soon as I started getting into running. I’m so happy that Women’s Running gave her a platform to talk about this issue.


    • Courtney and I used to work together before I even got into running 😉 The article made me think a lot. Like I run with pacers and the groups are very white especially for such a mixed city as DC… what I’ve noticed though also when I run in Europe (very different issue) is there races are like 70% men… I know the Paris Marathon I was supposed to run has specific outreach to try and get more women to run it… I find that an interesting cultural difference too…


  6. I’m not sure how I feel about stay-at-home anymore. I can see the logic of both sides. I’d like IL to open more so the people that cannot work at home are able to go back to their jobs if they choose to. Personally I’d continue to stay home though. It’s a tough call and I loathe how politicized it’s become. Your food adventures look so good! Hooray for a SUP!


    • I know, I feel guilty that it’s a relief for me when so many people need to go back to work so badly 😦 And yes, can’t wait to take that board for a swim this weekend!!!


  7. Wow what a super intense week with all the challenges! That double dog challenge sounds really tough as well. Congrats! Do you run home after drinking the shake? I really got into SUP last year wonder when they will start renting them again? I am also reading oona out of order just started


    • Oona is fun, hope you enjoy it!!
      And no0, no running post shake, just a leisurely walk through city center 😉 On regular shake shack runs I usually stick with wine, which is weirdly the lowest calorie item on the shake shack menu lol. Not a big shake person, but here alcoholic drinks were out of reach (you get a free beverage at the end of the run…)


  8. You had a great week of workouts! Congrats on completing the Marine Corps Virtual Devil Dog Double! I miss the real races, but I’m glad the virtual ones are there for those who need them for motivation. I love all of your food and wine pics!


    • Yeah, I did sign up for a pride 5K so maybe not 100% done with virtual races… though 5K isn’t a big challenge. Mostly happy to contribute with the charities associated with that run and do a little something to celebrate pride since it’s going to be so different this year…


  9. That challenge sounds hard but great job getting it done! Your meals look amazing along with the wine. If I remember correctly, our stay at home orders end at the end of the month. I do think he will extend it. I am also not ready to go out there (however I do want to get a haircut). I am doing a few virtual races to stay motivated but other than that I don’t really do them throughout the year.


  10. Luckily I don’t have a job to go back to, so I’m lucky. And I’m REALLY on the slower side — and sat was hot, even up here. I did my 5k as part of my long run, then did it again just as my virtual race yesterday. 3 minutes faster, same “course”.

    Enjoy your SUP! I don’t know why, the one time I tried it it made me so nervous.


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