S’il Vous Plait… Dessine Moi Un Ispahan

There are many reasons you should visit the Galeries Lafayette on boulevard Haussmann during your visit in the city of light. First, of course, there’s the shopping. You can find anything you want at the Galeries, from a bedskirt to books, cartier watches, chanel bag or kookai skirts, gourmet food, books and Paris souvenirs. You can even buy macarons from Pierre Hermé’s not so secret boutique:

Pierre Herme has a store inside the Galeries Lafayette in l’espace createurs

Then of course, there’s the building itself. You’ll never look at your local mall the same way after seeing the Galeries’ stunning ceiling:

The current store opened in 1912 and is an elegant setting for your luxury shopping
And then there’s the view from the rooftop of the store:
The view from the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayettes at 40 Blvd Hausmann
Not too shabby right? Though the food they serve at the rooftop restaurant is not that great so I wouldn’t recommend getting much more than a salad and a coffee… On top of all this, if you still need a reason to visit, star pâtissier Pierre Hermé is currently exposing a series of his personal drawings. Known for being a pastry artist, his sketches show that he is as can paint as well as he can pipe and that he is equally talented with pencils or a whisk 😉
Just like a designer, Pierre Herme sketches his pastries during the creative process
Pierre’s sketches are part of a larger exhibit called “Made in Mode” that offers  an insider’s view of fashion. Throughout the month of April, shoppers will get a sneak peek into the kind of work that goes on behind the scene at the Galeries Lafayette, through workshops, pop-up boutiques and exhibitions. The 6th floor for example (the one that leads to that gorgeous rooftop), will give designers, jewelers, leatherworkers and others a platform to display the techniques they use in their crafts. Dior will share its beauty secrets with a pop-up nail salon and workshops on creating your own fragrance. Princesse Tam Tam and Fendi will reveal what it takes to create a new lingerie line or a new bag, respectively. In short, if you’re in Paris this April, you really have no excuse to skip the Galeries Lafayette!

Marni at H&M Part Deux – Pretty in Print

I showed up H&M on F Street this morning around 7AM. The store was set to open its door for the Marni collection at 8. I figured, if the line was crazy I’d just walk on by and head to the gym for a quick run before work. Turns out there was hardly anyone outside the store! So I joined in the queue and ended up in the second group of 30 people allowed in. It was a little crazy, definitely an intense 15 minute shopping experience! Bags were flying off the shelves, women were just grabbing anything they could get their hands on… I mean, I’ve heard stories from the launch of the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration and I can only imagine how it must have been when they launched the Versace collection…! But I had never done anything like this, it was kind of fun.

I ended up with 3 items, a skirt, a dress and a top, in Marni’s signature prints. My wardrobe is pretty bland, so I figured just the kind of colourful print therapy it needed. Can’t wait to play with my new outfits now 😉