Marni at H&M Part Deux – Pretty in Print

I showed up H&M on F Street this morning around 7AM. The store was set to open its door for the Marni collection at 8. I figured, if the line was crazy I’d just walk on by and head to the gym for a quick run before work. Turns out there was hardly anyone outside the store! So I joined in the queue and ended up in the second group of 30 people allowed in. It was a little crazy, definitely an intense 15 minute shopping experience! Bags were flying off the shelves, women were just grabbing anything they could get their hands on… I mean, I’ve heard stories from the launch of the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration and I can only imagine how it must have been when they launched the Versace collection…! But I had never done anything like this, it was kind of fun.

I ended up with 3 items, a skirt, a dress and a top, in Marni’s signature prints. My wardrobe is pretty bland, so I figured just the kind of colourful print therapy it needed. Can’t wait to play with my new outfits now 😉