Christine and the Queens at the 9:30 Club

Have you heard of Christine and the Queens?

Yes!? Then you know how awesome she is! You can skip the rest of this post and just click on this link to buy tickets to see her perform at the 9:30 Club on May 31. French musicians don’t grace US stages very often, and when they do, we – Frenchies and francophiles – have a responsibility to go cheer them on. Otherwise, they won’t come see us anymore 😉

If you have no idea who Christine and the Queens is then let me introduce you to the best French band you’re not listening to right now. 

Christine and the Queens is the androgynous alter ego of Héloïse Letissier, a  stylish 27-year-old Parisienne who took France by storm with her 2014 debut album Chaleur Humaine. She won four Victoires de la Musique awards, the French equivalent of the Grammies, one for best female artist of the year in 2015, for best video for her song Saint Claude in 2015 and Christine in 2016 and one for best tour in 2016. She’s a really great dancer who counts Madonna, Mark Ronson and Lorde as fans, performed at Austin’s SXSW Festival last March and did a mini-US tour afterwards that included a quick stop in DC’s Lincoln Theater. She’s also been written up about in the New York Times’ T Magazine and was Trevor Noah’s second musical guest ever.

And that was all before she rerecorded and retooled her album, now just called Christine and The Queens, for an international audience (check it out on iTunes!). Her songs always had a bit on English in them and now they have even more. She’s about to take the US by storm. Her song iT was featured in a recent episode of Girls on HBO and is headlining a bigger US tour that will take her to Cochella, New York (obvi!), Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia and *yes* Washington, DC again, where she’ll perform at the 9:30 Club this time. Rather than bore you with words, I’ll let her music (and stunning videos) speak for themselves and share Jonathan which I can’t get out of my head right now and the catchy Paradis Perdus, a mash-up of Christophe’s 1972 chanson with some Heartless by Kanye weaved into it (because why not?).


See you at the 9:30 Club on May 31?? 

Patriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick in DC November 5th

How do I even begin to explain Patrick Bruel? Today he’s Patrick, a respected actor, singer, soccer fan and poker player. Back when I was une adolescente, he was Patriiiiiiiiiiick, idol of an entire generation who reinvented himself in 2002 with Entre-Deux, an album of duets filled with tracks from the 30s and 40s. More recently, he was in this hilarious French comedy called “What’s in a Name” / “le Prenom” which you can and should rent on Amazon! (you can also stream A Secret on netflix) But back to Patriiiiick, the singer, who is coming to visit us with 6 US concerts this fall (surprisingly, there isn’t a date in Vegas, though I’m sure he’ll be paying the poker mecca a visit too…)

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30-Oct             Miami, FL                  Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater

1-Nov              New York, NY             Beacon Theater

2-Nov              Boston, MA                Berklee Performance Center

4-Nov              Houston, TX               House of Blues

5-Nov              Washington, DC         Warner Theater

8-Nov              Los Angeles, CA         Orpheum Theater

Tickets are available on LiveNation and are a bit pricey (more expensive than tickets to see Johnny…) ranging from $52 to $101. Not sure you wanna commit to that kind of money? You can always listen to his live album on spotify 😉

Stromae Gets Some Love From Daily Candy

stromae, french music, daily candy newsletter

Towards the end of every week, there’s a few emails I can’t wait to see pop-up in my inbox. One of Frijolita‘s awesome Weekend Reads because a) she always shares the best links b) it means it’s FRIDAY! The other is Daily Candy‘s Apps and Distractions email. There’s always a couple of great finds in there. And this week, Daily Candy gave some love to Stromae, a Belgian singer that had the entire francophone world dancing to the gloomy beat-heavy hit Alors on Danse back in 2009. Four years later, he is back on top of the charts with his new album Racine Carrée. French music rarely makes it to American iTunes so it’s a testament to the success of this album that you can actually buy it in the U.S. store (I downloaded it a while back from the French iTunes store.) It’s also available to listen on Spotify if you’re not sure you want to commit $ to it 😉

Standouts from the album include the somber Formidable (<– watch the video, 42 million people already have!), which evokes another great Belgian artist, Jacques Brel, and is mentioned in the Daily Candy post as Shanon Cook’s favourite track on the album. It also includes the more upbeat Te Quiero and Papaoutai. That last one is actually not so upbeat once you listen to the lyrics — hint: papaoutai stands for Dad, where are you? heavy stuff when you know Stromae’s dad was mainly absent from his life and died in the Rwandan genocide! In Te Quiero Stromae also channels a little Jacques Brel when he cries “I love you until death” in between the dance beats of the chorus…  Overall, the narrative on many songs is pretty bleak and part of popularity has been attributed to his ability to channel the malaise that is currently gripping the youths of Europe. Also, the songs are good! So give it a listen… let me know what you think!