Postcard from Wisconsin: Babcock Hall Dairy Store

Did your alma mater produce its own amazing ice cream on campus? I’m gonna guess no, unless you went to UConn, Penn State or the University of Wisconsin at Madison. One of my best friends, Cecile of The Worldly Bite, comes from a long line of Badgers, so ahead of my recent trip to Wisconsin, she gave me the scoop on everything I couldn’t miss while visiting her campus, starting with getting a scoop of delicious ice cream at Babcock Hall Dairy Storebien sur.

Getting some Ice Cream at Babcock Hall Dairy Store

Wisconsin is known as America’s dairyland so it’s not that surprising that UW-Madison would offer the best Dairy Science major in the country, host the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research (CDR), and operate its own dairy plant on campus using milk from its very own dairy herd. Named after Stephen Moulton Babcock, a pivotal UW-Madison researcher in the department of Agricultural Chemistry, the store helps to support the UW Food Science Department. While students, alumni and visitors like my parents and I flock to the store for its ice cream, you can also purchase cheese and milk there, as well as fair trade coffee roasted in Madison at Ancora Coffee Roasters.

Badgers Milk from Babcock Hall Dairy StoreGouda from Babcock Hall Dairy Store








You can also tour the dairy plant and observe the way the products are made. 

Tour the dairy plant at Babcock Dairy Hall


In the shadow of Babcock Hall dairy Store, the university also operates its own buther shopBucky’s Butchery, as part of its Meat Science program in the Department of Animal Sciences. Sorry, dairy cows… I hear it sells amazing bacon though we didn’t visit since my dad doesn’t eat meat. Babcock Hall Dairy Store is located at 1605 Linden Drive in Madison and is open from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday and from 11am to 4pm on Saturdays. While you’re on campus, don’t miss a walk through the lakeshore nature preserve at Picnic Point then reward yourself with a pitcher of Spotted Cow at Memorial Union Terrace, overlooking Lake Mendota. Altogether, you’ll kinda wish you attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and not just for the ice cream! 

If D.C. were an ice cream, it would be chill. Capitol Chill.

Earlier in June it was announced that Ben and Jerry’s would be churning up ice cream flavours to reprensent five different U.S. cities. Washington, D.C. was one of the chosen few and last week, we kicked off the show with the reveal of our very own ice cream flavour. Drumroll: Capitol Chill.


As part of Ben and Jerry’s City Churned Campaign, ice cream fan based in the district voted (sort of) to have the following represent us: chocolate ice cream (we’re known as Chocolate City after all…) with Divine Chocolate corn-flake clusters, marshmallows and caramel swirls along with a Route 11 sweet potato chip. Sounds pretty good right? It was. Though you’ll have to trust my word for it because it was available for one day (well… hour really) only at a community event at Farm at Walker Jones last Saturday.

ben and jerry's capitol chill, capitol chill, ben and jerry's dc ice cream, dc ice cream, ben and jerry's

Ben and Jerry’s Capitol Chill – just so you know what you missed.

The reveal capped off an afternoon of community service with free tacos from the Rito Loco food truck (which were quite good by the way) and some scoops of Capitol Chill of course. I’m a big fan of the work the Farm at Walker Jones does so I’m glad Ben and Jerry’s paired up with them. The urban farm and educational campus is located at the corner of New Jersey Avenue and K Street NW. It produces over 3,000 pounds of food annually for neighbours who help out with some of the garden work, students from Walker Jones Educational Campus, where 100% of the students receive free or reduced lunches, and the DC Central Kitchen.


IMG_2304IMG_2303Next up for Ben and Jerry’s City Churned Campaign? San Francisco (7/13), New York (7/27), Portland (8/10) and Seattle (9/14.) I can’t wait to see what flavours these other cities come up with 😉