Football Macarons (yes, you read that right)

Wanna give a French Twist to your Super Bowl party this Sunday? Probably not. But just in case you really do, I just stumbled upon this awesome template to make little American football shaped macarons on Mindy Cone’s awesome blog Creative Juice. Snickers macarons may sound wrong… but let’s be honest… they also sound really right!

Snickers Football Shaped Macarons From Mindy Cone's blog Creative Juice

Just in time for the Super Bowl: Snickers Football Shaped Macarons From Creative Juice

The whole blog is full of great party inspiration and DIY guides, but my favourite feature on Mindy’s blog is obviously Macarons Monday. I mean, these pecan macarons sound amazing and if I ever have a baby shower, I want it to look just like this one, complete with adorable pink macarons and polka dots! Until then, I think I might make these little football macarons and enjoy them all by myself while the husband is (hopefully) out watching the big game somewhere else 😉

Macaron Christmas Tree at the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte

I’ve been a fan of the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, NC since they unveiled their Bar Macarons last June, just in time for the Democratic National Convention. I, sadly, was not staying at the Ritz-Carlton during the DNC. Instead, I stayed at the Drake Hotel and then at another rather sketchy hotel just outside of the city. But I spent a lot of time at the Ritz-Carlton because it was right downtown (well, uptown… ) where all the convention activity was and I wanted to spend as little time as possible at my sketchy hotel. Also, the Ritz-Carlton has a fabulous bar, a Bar Cocoa AND a BLT Steak. And yes, macarons!

Well, the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte officially won Christmas in my books with their fabulous Macaron Holiday Tree.

macaron christmas tree, holiday rtee ritz carlton charlotte, macarons, christmas macarons

Macaron Holiday Tree at the Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte . Picture courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton

The whimsical 8-foot tree is made of 8,000 white, green and red macarons and took 58 hours to assemble. It will be on display in the hotel lobby through December 29th and complements a colorful showcase of seasonal confections, sweets and pastries offered at Bar Cocoa dessert boutique, as well as an upcoming series of Holiday Afternoon Teas, offered by the hotel throughout December. I love it!! No pressure, Ritz-Carlton, Washington DC, but what’s in your lobby this holiday season? lol

A French Twist on Halloween

There’s nothing French about Halloween. Unless you want there to be 😉

Since Ladurée no longer offers this beautifully stunning box of Halloween macarons (le sigh), you could head to Olivia Macaron since the Georgetown shop offers an adorable pumpkin jack themed macaron. Or you could also bake the quintessential parisian treat at home…

Halloween macarons, macaron, jack o'lantern macaron, pumpkin macaron

Spiced Pumpkin Macarons by cakecrumbsb

And while I’m still traumatized by my attempts to make candy corn infused vodka, maybe the Halloween Candy would work better in a macaron:

If making or eating macarons isn’t your thing, you might want to a) stop reading my blog b) dress up like one instead…

DIY Macaron Costume by Kelly of Studio DIY

DIY Macaron Costume by Kelly of Studio DIY

Speaking of dressing up like a french pastry, I’m also a big fan of this croquembouche costume! But if this is too cutesy for you and you’re pretty good with the sewing machine (and the duck tape), you could also whip out this Eiffel Tower outfit…

ps: how adorable is the kid’s version of that costume? If you’re not crafty, you can always buy this sexy Iron Lady costume or maybe you can just carve one in a pumpkin (I tried and failed miserably though…)

Eiffel Tower pumpkin, paris pumpkin, eiffel tower jack o'lantern

Or you can just have fun with it like my friend Johanna of Notes from a Messy Kitchen did last year with her clever “French Kiss” costume. J’adore so much more than the French maid costumes!

French Kiss costume, Halloween costume

Bonbons ou baton! Whether you give your holiday a French Twist or non, have a great Halloween!