The Audacity of hope Europe 1

Did you catch this colourful quarter page advertisement on page A9 of the Washington Post today?


Obama on Europe 1, gutsy request for interview

It certainly caught my attention as I was trying to read about the situation in the Ukraine. Perhaps of course because I work in the advertising industry now and pay closer attentions to ads. And perhaps of course because I know that Europe 1 is a French news radio station…

So what’s a French radio station doing advertising in Washington DC’s newspaper? Courting the francophone audience that could tune in online? Not really… Officially Europe 1 is trying to score an interview with the American president. But really, the cheeky ad that plays on the usual American clichés of France is a very clever way to get some free press… in the French media. Every major French news outlet is talking about it today 😉 And that was totally free too since Europe 1 paid for the ad by trading advertising space with the Washington Post. So clever and free. Well done Europe 1.   You can’t beat the press you’re getting today. Well, I guess you could if you actually do score that interview (keeping my French fingers crossed for you! #OBAMAonE1 !!)