A Taste of Olney’s Taste Gastropub

Discovering new restaurants and meeting new people who appreciate food as much as a do as two of the main reasons I keep blogging. Last week, I headed to Olney, Maryland for a private tasting at Taste Gastropub, an unassuming restaurant in a strip mall some 18 miles outside of my comfort zone, I mean, outside of downtown DC ūüėČ I’m definitely glad I ventured out. Lunch with my bestie Cecile, fellow DC Spotter Aparna, Lisa of #PushPlayEat, Jessica of The Dining Traveler, Carlis of Spicy Candy DC (who helped coordinate the event) and Lori¬†of Been There Eaten That¬†was delightful.¬†¬†The wine selection, expertly chosen by¬†chef and sommelier Danny Lledo didn’t hurt either!

Private lunch at Taste Gastropub in Olney, MD

Photo credit: Cameron Habashian

Let’s chat about the restaurant first. Owner Vic Seested is almost your typical DC-story: financial advisor (it can’t always be a lawyer I guess….) turned restaurateur… except there’s more to it. Seested grew up in Olney and he purchased Taste Gastropub as a hub for local charity work. The restaurant hosts a number of fundraisers throughout the year and makes numerous donations to local charity. I think we can all agree that’s really awesome, but wjhat’s even better is that he hired a very talented chef and sommelier, Danny Lledo. As a son of a chef, Lledo was literally born into food. And it shows. Check out some of the gorgeous food we were treated to during our private lunch, all enhanced by a perfect wine pairing.


I wouldn’t have been able to make it to Taste Gastropub if transportation hadn’t been provided by Reston Limousine… but if you happen to be in the¬†Olney area and are looking for a good meal, you should definitely check out chef Lledo’s creative cuisine.¬†As for me, I’m probably not going to make it back there any time soon unfortunately, but the trip reminded me of how much I love Slate Wine Bar, which is managed by Danny (and owned by his wife Elizabeth.)

Taste Gastropub is located at 3418 Olney Latonsville Road in Olney, MD 20832