The White House Says Cheese (Virtual Cheese)

Have a question about cheese? You’re in luck: tomorrow, the White House is hosting its first (Virtual) Big Block of Cheese Day, inspired by Andrew Jackson … and the West Wing. And while one could think this would just be a way for the White House to get in the mood to host the (newly single) French president who’s coming to town in a few weeks, the Virtual Big Block of Cheese Day actually has very little to do with cheese. Womp, womp.

White House Virtual Big Block of Cheese Day

According to the White House statement, the original “Big Block of Cheese Day opened the doors of the White House to thousands of citizens to interact with cabinet members and White House staff – and carve off a slice of the four foot by two foot thick slab of cheddar.” This time around, there won’t be any *real* cheddar, though if you ask me, cheddar isn’t real cheese either… I do hear there’ll be some space cheese though…intriguing… I guess.

Instead, on Wednesday, the day after President Obama delivers his State of the Union speech, officials will be answering social media (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+) throughout the day. Again, womp womp. Though trust me, I’ll be asking some hard (cheese) questions using the hashtag  #AsktheWH. Like, about what kind of cheese they’re going to serve during the State dinner honouring the republic of 246 cheese. Or about why I can’t buy mimolette in the US anymore 😉