A Year In Champagne at the Angelika Film Center

Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market With its reserved seating, gourmet concessions and interesting mix of blockbuster and special interest films, the Angelika Film Center & Cafe at the Mosaic District is one of my absolute favourite movie theater in the Washington area. Keyword: Washington area. It’s nowhere near the city and pretty inconvenient to get to if you don’t have a car. So I was thrilled when a smaller, albeit temporary version, of the art-house movie theater popped up behind Union Market. It became pretty handy when I was trying to catch up on my Oscar nominated films, showing Whiplash, Still Alice and a couple of other nominated flicks. Eventually, the pop-up Angelika Film theater at Union Market will transform into a full scale permanent location but until then, its three screens currently offers around 4-6 different indie and art-house films at various times throughout the day. You can reserve your seat in advance, meaning you can hang out in the lounge area or at Union Market until right about the time your film starts. The only downside is that the theater has NO incline, meaning you’re kinda screwed if someone tall sits in front of you…But on the plus side, there’s free drip coffee during matinee shows and you can purchase wine and beer to bring inside the movie.

Speaking of wine and beer… both Angelika theaters in the D.C. area are showing a great documentary on champagne on Wednesday March 4 2015. The film, A Year in Champagne, is part of a wine trilogy led by renowned wine importer Martine Saunier. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can catch the first chapter, A Year in Burgundy,  on Netflix where it’s streaming. The third chapter, a Year in Porto, will be released later. About the film: A Year in Champagne gives viewers a rare glimpse behind the scenes into the real Champagne by spending time with six houses, from a small independent maker like Champagne Saint-Chamant, where each and every bottle is still turned by hand in the cellars to the illustrious houses of Gosset and Bollinger, which have been instrumental in shaping the image of Champagne around the world.

Both Angelika theaters are throwing a champagne tasting party to go along the film screening on March 4, 2015!
At the Angelika Film Center & Cafe in Fairfax, happy hour will start at 6PM in the lounge with wine, beer and snacks available for purchase. Experts from nearby wine shop Swirl & Sip will also be on hand to talk about Champagne before the movie screening at 7pm (movie tickets available here.) In Washington, the screening will also take place on the 4th and start with a tasting at Cordial Fine Wines & Spirits from 4:30-6:30PM (advance movie tickets available here.)


5 New (Delicious) Reasons to Visit Union Market This Weekend

It’s been a few months now since I published my “10 Delicious Reasons to Visit Union Market This Weekend” post. Some of the reasons I listed are still relevant. It’s still great to support local food artisans, Gina Chersevani still makes a mean egg cream and Rappahannock Oysters still has the best crab cake in the city (the lamb and clams is pretty standout as well!). But I’d like to add in a few more reasons, delicious or otherwise, why you should visit Union Market before the end of the summer.

1) Gin and Tonic on Tap at Red Apron Butchery – Cocktails on tap are popping up all over the city (Sangrias at Hogo, Margaritas at Bandolero, Rickeys and Americanos at Teddy & the Bully Bar etc.) but there’s something about the house-made sage and green apple tonic that Red Apron Butchery uses that makes it a favourite of mine*. The Green Hat gin helps too 😉

gin and tonic on tap, union market, green hat gin, red apron butchery

2) FRESHFARM Markets is now running a farmers’ market at Union Market – From July 21 through October 2, there will be even more fresh produces and other artisanal local products (like McCauley’s roasted pepper relishes or draft only WildCraft Soda‘s botanical sodas) available at Union Market every Sundays, from 10AM-2PM! One of my current food obsession, Number 1 Sons, sells their pickles and kimchi at the new farmers’ market and that’s reason enough for me to go! (if you can’t make it to Union Market, Caitlin Roberts also sells her delicious kale kimchi and other fermented goodies at the Bloomingdale’s Farmers’ Market on Sundays as well…)

3) ♥ macarons (updated) – you can no longer pick up a box of six DC Patisserie macarons at Righteous Cheese (though you can still pick up some amazing fromages – like burrata to pair with heirloom tomatoes…) but you can pick up a selection of Alexandrine’s macarons at Pearl Fine Teas. And while you’re there, try the moroccan mint ice mint too!


Picture courtesy of Pearl Fine Teas.

4) Meet A Top Chef and Cookbook Author – I usually try to avoid stepping into Amanda McClement’s Salt and Sundry shop because, well, I want to buy everything and that’s just hard on my wallet! But occasionally, like when she also hosts fun events like the recent Red, White and Blueberry: an Afternoon of Sweets, Sips and Shopping (featuring Whisked‘s classic American pies) or book signings with notable local cookbook authors and then I venture in (while trying to resist buying 18 different bitters I really want but don’t really need). Coming up? A series of vegetables focused book signings starting with Joe Yonan, food and travel editor for The Washington Post and author of “Eat Your Vegetables“, on Saturday August 10th (1-2:30PM) and with Domenica Marchetti, author of “The Glorious Vegetables of Italy” on Saturday, September 7th, (1-2:30PM).


5) Get a Dose of 1950s and 1960s Nostalgia – Both Gina Chersevani’s Suburbia and Union Market‘s Drive in movie theater will transport you to a time you may or may not have known. Your last chance to attend the drive-in is actually this weekend, with the screening of No Way Out featuring Kevin Costner (Friday August 2, 9PM). While I’m eternally grateful to my friend DC Daybook and her boyfriend for letting me and my husband come with them in their jeep (I had a reserved parking spot, they had a car, it was a match made in DC double date heaven) you don’t actually really need a car to enjoy the experience. Come very early (like 6:30PM) to get a spot on the grass otherwise bring a chair and set it up on the parking lot in front of the cars.  And while you’re waiting for the movie to start, grab a refreshing frozen drink at Gina’s Suburbia – a silver Airstream outfitted with frozen drink machines (open Friday through Sunday.)

DC Drive in movie theater, drive in, union market drive in

Check in in another few months, I’ll probably have another set of 5 or 10 all new delicious reasons why you should visit Union Market 😉

* The Green Hat and Tonic with home-made sage and apple tonic was developed for Red Apron by Columbia Room mixologist JP Fetherston and co-owner Derek Brown. It’s now also available, on tap as well, at Shaw’s Mockingbird Hill.